Geometry Lapbook and Geometry Village

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Geometry Lapbook and Geometry Village

Actually, it includes much more than geometry such as measurement. The projects are intended to be fun, hands on learning.  The student is given instruction on building some houses out of shapes.  Here are some examples from the village:

Building Problem 4: Quadrilaterals

25)  Cut out a quadrilateral with 2 right angles and with at least one side 60 mm in length for the house.
26)  Cut out a parallelogram with one side 20mm in length and another side 15 mm in length for one window.
27)  Cut out a shape with 4 right angles and all sides equal for another window.
28)  Cut out a rhombus for the door with one side 30mm in length.
29)  Cut out a rectangle with at least one right angle and at least one side 20mm for a third window.
30)  Cut out a trapezoid with at least one angle of 45 degrees for the roof.

Building Problem 6: Circles

31)  Cut out a circle with a diameter of 8 cm. Then cut the circle in half and use only one half for the house.
32)  Cut out a circle that has a circumference of 234mm for one window.
33)  Cut out a circle that has a radius of 10mm for another window.
34)  Cut out a circle for the door with a diameter of 5 cm.
35)  Cut out a circle with a circumference of 10 inches for the roof.

The Geometry lapbook is similar except it also includes Labels and definitions to add to your house.  This turns the geometry lapbook into a handy reference. You can download all the instructions at

Geometry village
Geometry lapbook

You may need to adjust some of the sizes – I know we did.  I whipped this up one night last fall and finished it very late that night so some of the sizes are a bit too big.

This is a lot of work.  Don’t expect them to finish this in one day or week.  I would space it out.

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